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Compared to other markets, Australian visitors are more likely to visit Canada in the winter, however the busiest period is still the peak summer months of May-August.

About 78% of Australian visitors are likely to use a travel agent when booking a trip to Canada, which is higher than Destination Canada’s target European markets but below most other Asian-Pacific markets. Generally, Australian visitors to Canada prefer independent touring trips to Canada with some guided day or overnight excursions (33%) or fully independent touring trips (26%), rather than fully escorted or guided group tours (16%).

In general, some key activities Australians are interested in during a trip to Canada include trying local food and drink, as well as natural attractions such as mountains, waterfalls, or the northern lights.

For more information on ongoing travel recovery and anticipated visitation from Australia in 2023, please refer to Destination Canada’s latest Tourism Outlook

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Global Tourism Watch

Consumer-based intelligence and key strategic considerations for the tourism market in Australia from our annual Global Tourism Watch study in 2021.

Global Tourism Watch

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A brief, at-a-glance summary of key facts on travellers from Australia.

Market Highlights

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