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US leisure travellers are most interested in visiting Canada in the summer months of July-August (32% of travellers), but also have high interest in May-June (26%), and September-October (19%).  

Top factors influencing US travellers choice to come to Canada include destination safety, availability of outdoor experiences, and the opportunity to relax. Since 2020, the opportunity to relax has decreased in importance as a reason to choose Canada, while being a great family destination has increased in importance. In general, US leisure travellers have a wide variety of vacation activity interests, including both nature-based and city-based activities. US leisure travellers have a strong interest in trying local food and drink, and nature-based activities or attractions such as oceanside beaches, mountains and waterfalls.  

Most US leisure travellers would prefer to travel independently on a trip to Canada (32%), although there is increased interest in fully escorted itineraries (16%). 

For more information on ongoing travel recovery and anticipated visitation from US in 2023, please refer to Destination Canada’s latest Tourism Outlook

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Global Tourism Watch

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